Waters Of Change..


Life is like a river.

It’s interesting how something you crave so badly at one point in your life later becomes quite obsolete. I remember feeling deeply for many things.. so deep that my whole mind, body, and soul was consumed by it–a Barbie doll when I was 5 years old, a Verizon cellphone when I was a teenager, a Macbook when I was in college, Starbucks coffee drinks every morning, and obsessing over a certain couple of boyfriends throughout my life.  I would grieve at the thought of not having these to only realize a few years down the line that not having it is not so bad after all. If there is anything true in life, it’s that things are impermanent… change will happen.  All things change with time even if we try to hold on to it… even if at one point these things seem to be vital to our living.

It’s difficult to realize that different things have their time and place.  If we win, we experience the joy of success. If we lose, there’s a piece of wisdom to be learned from that pain. When it’s time to suffer a loss, as hard as it may be, we must believe that one day we can look back and realize, “I am alive. I am well. I’m stronger and smarter than I was before.”


If life was like a river, our pains are like the rocks that impede the water’s natural flow… Given enough time, the river makes its way over and around these rocks.  We are the water. The rocks are a part of our journey.  Though it may shake us, it will not destroy us.  Although we continuously come across obstacle after obstacle, if we understand this flow as a natural part of life, we can find peace in that things will continue to run its course and we have an opportunity to become transformed.


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